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We are private practice experts. Our consultants have years of experience at the heart of UK legal recruitment. We have extensive experience of Partner and Associate recruitment for US, Magic Circle, International, National, Boutique and Specialist law firms. We provide a transparent, trustworthy and efficient legal recruitment service to our clients and candidates.

Finding your Next Role

When we tell friends and family that we work in legal recruitment, quite understandably they imagine our working days are spent helping law firms find great candidates for existing vacancies. But the reality is often more complex. We actually spend a high percentage of our time advising legal professionals about their career. They discuss with us if it is the right time to move, which firms will suit them in terms of culture and remuneration, and which potential opportunities might be attractive. This is often before any actual vacancy is identified.

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Ardent Team welcomes Kat Jones as Operations Manager

Kat has 20 years’ experience in the legal recruitment industry, joining a major firm as a new graduate in 2000 and working up to an associate director role. Kat’s former agency reduced in size during the first lockdown. Since then she has been providing a careers advice service for a secondary school. With this new position she is coming back to her recruitment roots.

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Ardent Supports Building Malawi

A couple of years ago we worked with a candidate who is a trustee of the charity and we were keen to get involved. At that time we contributed to a school building project. Now that building is complete and the Ardent Centre of Excellence is in use by secondary students. We wanted to offer further support. Our new substantial donation has paid for over 300 text books across a range of subjects.

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Boosting Mental Health for Legal Professionals Returning to the Office

We are always mindful of the impact stress has on the mental health of those in the legal profession. Over the summer the Ardent team has trained in Mental Health First Aid. We asked Mental Health First Aid Instructor James Capell-Abra of Stress Matters, who trained the team, to share some thoughts on mental health in the legal profession.

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