Market update: Steady and Strategic in 2023

Ardent Director Jane Gaunt reflects on the recent ups and downs of the legal recruitment market and makes predictions on recruitment volume, hybrid working and salaries in 2023.   What has the recruitment market been doing in the last 2 years?   Unprecedented times at a global level caused an unprecedented shift in the legal [...]

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Finding your Next Role

When we tell friends and family that we work in legal recruitment, quite understandably they imagine our working days are spent helping law firms find great candidates for existing vacancies. But the reality is often more complex. We actually spend a high percentage of our time advising legal professionals about their career. They discuss with us if it is the right time to move, which firms will suit them in terms of culture and remuneration, and which potential opportunities might be attractive. This is often before any actual vacancy is identified.

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Restrictive Covenants

Law firms, like any other business, need to protect their interests when key people leave to join a competitor.  Many firms therefore include post-termination restrictive covenants in their partnership agreements and employment contracts, but unless they’re drafted carefully and used appropriately, they’re likely to be unenforceable.

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