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Breaking Ground

The Ardent Centre of Excellence Ardent continues to support Building Malawi, a UK based charity, established to help build sustainable Malawian run schools, libraries and a sports academy for local children of all ages.

To date, Building Malawi has successfully built two Schools and four Libraries in Lilongwe, Malawi and is now working on a long-term project to develop the Lingadzi Academy, a 22 acre site in the township of Mtandire in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe.

The Lingadzi Academy currently consists of five football pitches, a netball court, a library and a police station. Currently over 500 young people use the site every day to play sport, meet their friends and use the library. With a demand to use this multipurpose site for educational opportunities Ardent Legal Recruitment, working in conjunction with Building Malawi, Ascent Soccer, the Mtandire Community and Worldwide Action – London, are supporting the building of “The Ardent Centre of Excellence”, 2 x multi-use earthbag class rooms for use by the students of Ascent Soccer and the local community.

The Ardent Centre of Excellence will provide a dedicated learning space (instead of the side of a field) to deliver a comprehensive syllabus to over 200 young people a week. The Ardent Team are proud to be supporting such a great cause that will increase empowerment among so many Malawians and prepare young men and women for productive employment within and outside Malawi.

On Monday 13th May ground was broken and work was started! The Ardent Centre of Excellence should be fully operational on Monday 2nd September 2019! Members of the Ardent team plan to travel to Malawi in due course to visit the Ardent Centre of Excellence and continue to lend a hand to the on-going development of the Lingadzi Academy. If you’d like to see updates of the progress of the build we will be sharing updates on LinkedIn and our twitter account @ardentrecruit. If you feel you can support the work of Building Malawi then please do get in touch we’d love to talk to you about it.

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