My Personal Career Journey






Tell us about your current leadership role?


I don’t like to define myself as a leader, our business has a very egalitarian ethos. We work in a collaborative way to ensure that everyone has a responsibility for the growth and development of the business. Our business was set up five years ago, since this time, we have very much become seen as one of the go-to legal recruiters in London. My responsibilities to the business are first and foremost making sure that I set a good example by leading from the front and consistently deliver an exceptional service to our clients and candidates. Alongside fee-earning and together with my co-director, Gerry Arbuckle, I run the day to day operations of the business and ensure that we have a clear strategy for growth in these ever-changing times.


And your career journey that led you there?


At 25, like most people with a law degree I qualified as a solicitor, it’s just what you did! However, for me something just didn’t click. I soon discovered that I had much preferred to study law than to practise it. I had always loved connecting people and finding solutions for people who weren’t happy with their current situation. For me, a move into recruitment just felt natural! Having worked for a couple of recruitment agencies and having had some interesting experiences, after about five years I had the opportunity to help establish a specialist legal recruitment agency with the intention of creating a platform that would be reflective of my core values.


Are there any career defining moments or people that helped shape your career in recruitment?


My co-director, Gerry Arbuckle, otherwise known as my work husband, has undoubtedly had the biggest impact on my career. We share a number of similar values which has helped to create the business that we have today. At times we can see things from different perspectives but together we make the perfect team as our skills are truly complementary. It’s rare to find such a gem in the recruitment market!


What would your advice be to your younger self?


Don’t beat yourself up about the mistakes you make, they will only make you stronger and wiser and without them you wouldn’t be where you are today.


What’s your biggest ambition?


To continue to grow our business in a way that creates longevity both in terms of our reputation within the legal market but also within our team. We may never be the biggest recruitment business but with a strong foundation we can be the best!

About Ardent

We are private practice experts. Our consultants have years of experience at the heart of UK legal recruitment. We have extensive experience of Partner and Associate recruitment for US, Magic Circle, International, National, Boutique and Specialist law firms.

We provide a transparent, trustworthy and efficient legal recruitment service to our clients and candidates.

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