Ardent Supports Building Malawi


We are pleased to have made a second donation to the charity Building Malawi.


A couple of years ago we worked with a candidate who is a trustee of the charity and we were keen to get involved. At that time we contributed to a school building project. Now that building is complete and the Ardent Centre of Excellence is in use by secondary students. We wanted to offer further support. Our new substantial donation has paid for over 300 text books across a range of subjects.


Director Jane Gaunt said: “It is an important part of the Ardent way of doing business that we support grass roots organisations. We were impressed by the way the charity works to build infrastructure and focuses on secondary education. After our first donation we were pleased to offer further support to teachers and students at the school. Malawi does not have enough secondary schools and as a result many of the children that pass through the primary school system have limited opportunity to extend their education. As a parent myself and business owner, I am pleased to be able to make an impact in this community.”


Building Malawi is a small UK based charity committed to improving opportunities for children in Malawi. The team builds infrastructure such as schools, libraries and sports facilities. Malawian organisations run these facilities and fund their own running costs. You can read more about Building Malawi here



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