Whilst legal recruitment remains busy and there is an air of optimism for 2021, we are continuing to work from home, replacing early morning candidate meetings with on-line virtual ones. We have spent more time than ever catching up with our long-standing clients and have successfully developed new relationships through the wonders of the on-line world.

However, like many people we are missing elements of work that we once took for granted. The carefree days of meeting candidates for coffees in or casually catching up with our clients at their impressive flagship offices seems somewhat of a distant memory.

Whilst we know those days will return, we have all been making the most of our time working from home. As the days got shorter and it was evident that Lockdown 2.0 was looming, we all made an extra effort to stay as active as possible. From reverse commutes, virtual PT sessions, cycling and 100k running challenges we are continuing to embrace our new working day. Check out our photos below from lockdown 2.0.