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Law firms, like any other business, need to protect their interests when key people leave to join a competitor.  Many firms therefore include post-termination restrictive covenants in their partnership agreements and employment contracts, but unless they’re drafted carefully and used appropriately, they’re likely to be unenforceable. The basic principle is
Effective Negotiation – delving into the dark arts Becoming a top lawyer requires more than an expertise in an area of law. Academic excellence may be enough to shine as a trainee or junior associate, but stepping up into a more senior position also requires a range of softer skills,
For the first time, female solicitors outnumber male colleagues as 50.1% of Practising Certificate holders were women, according to The Law Society Annual Statistics Report 2017. Demand for legal skills across the UK has risen in 2018, firms are busy and therefore need talented individuals to match the demand –
Despite political uncertainties around the globe – from sanctions and tariffs to populist movements – the private equity market continues to run at full steam. Investors are under pressure to make their client’s money work and capital continues to be deployed. If you can find one, just ask any junior