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As part of our series talking to lawyers who are pushing boundaries in the profession, we interviewed Kaleem Khan, a Senior Tax Associate at Travers Smith. Kaleem is registered as blind. He has a genetic eye disorder called Cone-Rod Dystrophy (CRD), his vision started to deteriorate when he was 4
Phil Kennedy joined the Ardent team four years ago. He shared his thoughts on his time in legal recruitment and a few aspects of the industry that stand out to him. Starting out in legal recruitment four years ago after a first career in practice, it feels like I’ve worked
Both law and recruitment are considered highly stressful occupations in which to work. As we conclude Stress Awareness Month, the Ardent team shares our top tips for reducing stress in our working days. Taking a break Kat Jones: I love a podcast and recently listened to an interview with a
April is Stress Awareness Month. Recruitment has often been described as one of the most stressful occupations to work in. Ardent Director Jane Gaunt and Operations Manager Kat Jones explained the stresses that surround the working lives of recruiters in the legal profession. Describe the day to day life of
As recruitment consultants we regularly speak to candidates who live with a range of health conditions and work with firms to ensure they receive the reasonable adjustments they need. March is National Endometriosis Month and we spoke to Rebecca Owen of Ashurst, about her experience of living with this chronic
Ardent consultant Jon Kennedy has been with the business three years, so we took the chance to ask him about his experience at Ardent.   What have been the highlights being part of the Ardent team over the last 3 years?  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working alongside people I like and
  Congratulations to Old Wilsonians under 10 Bourner, based in Bromley, for being runners up in the Autumn Bronze Chalice final. We are proud to be their sponsor and wish them continued success for the remainder of the season.
At Ardent Legal Recruitment, we are continuing our pledge to support better mental health and wellbeing across the legal profession. Recently, we spoke to Karen Senior, HR Manager at Sharpe Pritchard about their approach to mental health. A Legal 500 top tier firm, Sharpe Pritchard specialises in public law and
When we tell friends and family that we work in legal recruitment, quite understandably they imagine our working days are spent helping law firms find great candidates for existing vacancies. But the reality is often more complex. We actually spend a high percentage of our time advising legal professionals about
A couple of months ago the team at Ardent sat down with James Scholfield, a mindfulness/awareness teacher, to hear his story about how being more mindful helped unveil peace during his everyday tasks. How to manage being “always on” The group talked openly about the challenges faced in the demanding
The Ardent team continues to grow with the arrival of our new Operations Manager Kat Jones. Kat has 20 years’ experience in the legal recruitment industry, joining a major firm as a new graduate in 2000 and working up to an associate director role. Kat’s former agency reduced in size
Recruitment Consultant Matt Parsons is celebrating his first year being part of the Ardent team. He shared some of his thoughts on starting a new job, and how he is settling into the role. What have been the biggest challenges of starting a new job in 2020? Having had just